HWSNBN (He Who Shall Not Be Named)

Chapter 20

We watched them land in the paddock, jumping out, ducking under the blades and running to the gate we were leaning on. Before they got to us, another chopper landed to drop off the others. We were thrilled to see them again, apart from the fact they were here to help us.

We did the rounds and hugged everyone before we got to the house as we knew they’d have to go through it all again. Charlie and Luke were right inside the back door, making tea. That stopped for them to say hello to everyone.

Duke and Liam waited patiently for Gavin to do the introductions. Instead, he said, “Can’t get rid of these two buggers.” The lads play-punched his arm and went over to our extended family and said hello, shook hands and then hugged Alli and Gina, making sure they knew their names.

“Grab some tea, you lot.” Charlie handed out mugs to each of them and everyone gravitated to the pool room.

Gavin noticed the smile on Alli’s face, seeing all the new chairs in there. “We couldn’t let you sit on the floor again – not on.”

Harvey sat down on one, “Spur-of-the-moment, last time, Gavin, and thanks for last night. I did have a great birthday…sorry you couldn’t make it.”

“We’d have been there if it wasn’t for this fucking lot, coming to a head. The job comes first, but we were there with you, half the bloody night.” Harvey nearly dropped his tea, laughing at him. I giggled and sat next to Gavin.

“Yeah. Good party, with afters. That dress I’ve got to see, Alli?”

“Close your eyes,” she offered. I squeezed them shut.

When the vision hit my mind I couldn’t help yelling, “WOW!” The guys grinned at me when I opened them again. “Did you see all those spikes?” Gavin cuddled me. He had.

We heard Alli’s thoughts to Harvey: Yeah, drinking your tea like butter-wouldn’t-melt.

He turned to her, raising one eyebrow, “Was my birthday.”

Can’t wait for the next, Mr Burgess.

He loaded his next words with a tons of innuendo, “We can practice till then.”


We’d been quiet for a few minutes when Gavin said, “Richardson spilled his guts last night. We have a time-slot of and hour when his cousin, Rex will be at that demolished hotel’s mushroom cellar, although I don’t trust the bastard. Think we have to split up – half to his digs and half there. Not sure whether those other two will be at either venue, that’s the fucking problem.”

Alli shoved in, “That’s not a problem, Gavin…” He stared at her before she continued, “You just have to make sure that at least one of you who knows where the old hotel grounds are, is with the group who goes to the digs. That way, we can all jaunt to meet up where they are, if they’re together at either one.”

“Christ, Alli. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’re on top of it, that’s all – easy to see if you aren’t. If his side-kicks are at the digs and he’s at the cellar alone then they can be shipped out before they realise what’s happening.”

Harvey asked, “Who’s meeting him, Gavin?”

“Don’t know his name. Richardson didn’t know and he’d dealt with the guy for months. A mouthpiece for one of the Columbian cartels.”

“He was telling the truth,” I pushed in.

Harvey voiced his thoughts aloud, “Fucking moron dealing with them – on a death wish?”

“Moron’s a good name for him, Harvey. He’s fucking hated around here and his kids died because of his actions. What set the ball rolling was he laced his cousin’s next deal with arsenic and rat poison, trying to stop him from taking over.”

Harvey grimaced and went on, “When you asked what you could use to contain them, did you get everything?”

“Yeah, enough for four, just in case the cartel guy’s a hybrid.” Gavin knew the rest of our lot didn’t know what he was talking about, so he told them, “Manacles, bungee strapping and hoods – tell you later.”

“You did right. What time’s this going down?”

Before Gavin could answer, Alli asked, “Ordered four trucks?”

“Done, Alli. Reese did it yesterday before he left. They’ll be at the nick, lunchtime. We have to be ready for late afternoon; Richardson didn’t know an exact time.”

Harvey said, “Right. We’ll have to check them out and their digs. If they leave it until the market shuts…cutting it bloody fine?”

Duke, who’d been quiet up till now, said to Harvey, “No, they’ll have cleared off well before the inspector’s about. I watched them doing it daily.”

“Thanks, Duke. Forgot you were on surveillance.”

Gavin added, “That gives him plenty of time to get there, and if he jaunts, well…”

“We’ll have to see the cellar, then the digs and go to the market after that, Gavin.”

As Gavin got up he said absentmindedly, “Pity we didn’t take Jane, she could’ve shown you the cellar.”

“Bren could do that, Gavin.”


Bren got up and came over to Gavin, “I can touch a dead body and see what happened to it, long after it died, even animals. I can also show everyone, Gavin. Sit down, give me your hands and close your eyes. This won’t hurt,” she embellished, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Gavin sat down again. He held his hands out, and with a smile on his dial, he closed them. Bren knelt down in front of him, showing us the layout to the mushroom cellar, and all the tracks leading away from it, along with the places they’d checked for an escape route that he might use, if cornered. The whole place was smothered in briars and the door to the cellar almost hidden, if you didn’t know where it was.

“There,” Bren said as she rose to her feet. “Nearly as many briars as behind that fucking hospital.”

“You’re not kidding, Bren,” Harvey said to her. He was thoughtful for a second, voicing, “That reminds me, Alli. Not heard back from surveillance, since I got on to them. Think I know who to focus on now.”

“Don’t worry, love. When we go home will be soon enough.”

Reese’s voice filled our heads: What’s his name, Harvey?

Brad Hayward, Reese. Thanks. One less job for me.

“Harvey.” He turned to Alli, “That name. Same surname as one of the cops at Jed’s.”


I’ll start digging around, Harvey. Deal with up there – smells bloody fishy to me.

Cheers, Reese – me n’all. Have a word with Jamie; he’ll know who they are.

Will do. Good luck.

Liam asked, “Who’s Jed?”

“Lucas’s twin and our tattooist. Like peas in a pod.” Harvey grinned at Lucas.

“Yeah, the bugger was born before me – bastard.”

I heard that. Lucas laughed at his twin and then he said, “We better get on.”

The next thing was the market. Liam took Alli and Harvey down there. He’d seen us and Duke but Liam wouldn’t look out of place. No one knew he was packing it in and he’d found someone to run the stall until his considerable stock was sold. He was determined to work with us now and we were glad to have him. Gina followed what they did and we picked it all up from her. This linking was a Godsend. They left him talking to the young women working on his pitch. Then they followed the stream of shoppers to the main bunch of women’s stalls, down the bank, to purchase some music off the hybrid. My description of the main hybrid tickled Alli when she set eyes on him, trying hard not to laugh at his head of hair and almost bursting, unable to chat with Harvey in her mind, in case he heard her. The only thing she knew for certain, after I told her, was that he couldn’t detect hybrids – not much help at all.

We could hear him pushing the CDs to customers. I couldn’t describe it as broken English – broken public school would be nearer the point. Gavin giggled beside me.

Alli was annoyed they couldn’t get closer, with other customers in front of her. Rex’s voice suddenly blasted out: Help you at all?

Harvey asked: Got any jazz, mate?

You may find some at that end. Thought you’d be into pop music at your age. What about this – legions of fans, he’s got?

Harvey sounded pissed off: If I was nine. We could almost feel Harvey biting his tongue, wanting to rip his head off, suppressing his feelings fast, as they were there for a specific job.

A few minutes passed with no sound apart from the hum of a busy market. Then a woman was moaning under her breath that all he sold was kids stuff. That didn’t bode well if they didn’t have what Harvey asked for. Drowning out the usual hum of people buying stuff on nearby stalls was the clatter of CDs hitting each other as they were flicked inside a tight-fitting box. We took that to be Harvey, with Gina feeling Alli’s emotions, in empathy with him.

The hybrids thoughts hit Gina: Jesus fucking wept! He’ll break the blasted cases, carrying on like that. I’ll show him…

Can’t interest you, missey?

Seconds passed before we heard Alli reading the gen on the youngster with his millions of fans. Overriding that, we also heard her searching inside his head as she flitted from one section of his brain to another, in her hunt for information we needed. It was all mundane stuff apart from the fact he was stoned and couldn’t wait until the morons left him alone to have another hit. I felt her push her way into his memory banks and we all saw him messing around with yards of cassette tape. Shoving a pen into one side and winding the excess back onto the wheels inside, and then slotting it into a machine.

All through that Alli chanted in her head the usual blurb they loaded inside CDs. Talk about multi-tasking – left me hands-down.

Gina cut in: No she doesn’t – never tried it – that’s all, Jane.

Thanks, Gina. I’ll give it a go sometime.

Alli suddenly giggled in her head. She could feel how annoyed he was but she bided her time until she had enough to sink him.

The hybrids voice hammered into Alli’s thoughts: Well, buying it or not? Then he thought: Never make their bloody minds up.

Alli answered: Just checking if it’s a copy.

He must have been seething: Don’t bloody buy it, your choice? Then he tacked on in his head: Fucking women!

She totally ignored him and began reading the blurb all over again whilst digging deeper inside his head. Nothing different showed up for a while but the next thing we heard was the word Ketamine. I knew that was a horse tranquilliser which only idiots tried if they wanted a lifetime of bladder problems or a kidney transplant. I’d read about it in one of Gina’s mags on our visit to them.

Her thoughts were suddenly inside the hybrid’s brain again. All three were going to the handover. Alli certainly thought he was nuts taking them.

He was getting more impatient, thinking of obscene things he’d do to Alli. Once she’d seen all they needed, Harvey got her out of there, voicing: Give that crap back, Alli. Shove it mate! That shut him up.

We heard them giggle on their way to meet Liam at his stall. I heard plastic moving and then Liam’s voice: Just some make-up and well done. You’ve got some mind on you, Alli. I got lost, half way through the second time you were inside his head.

What? Harvey asked: You picked up on that from up here?

Noise from people talking stopped us hearing his reply; just Alli’s statement: I’m bloody glad you want to join up. Thanks for this.

Harvey enlightened him: They haven’t found a hybrid who can do that, if they aren’t linked, Liam – seeing so much from a distance.

Alli made her point again: I’m not as good as you – no way. I have to be as close as we are now.

From Harvey’s next words Liam must have been embarrassed: Don’t feel like that, it’s brilliant, Liam, and you’d be a great asset to this cell. They’d be lucky to have you.

Thanks, both of you. I really want to join up – the first time I’ve been accepted. I was hated at school.

I wasn’t surprised with Alli’s answer: Least said about school, the better for me, too. I had a crap time, as well.

Liam said as they reached our car. “Seeing ghosts the whole time, like Jane, must be bloody awful.” He looked up at me at the car window and smiled.

I rolled it down. “Interesting chat you buggers.”

Alli and Harvey climbed in the back with us and Liam carried on to join Duke in his car with three of their lot. Everyone could hear what was said, so there was no need to be together.

As soon as the back door slammed I turned in my seat, “Bloody hell, Alli – you see more than me and we’re so chuffed about Liam.”

“You couldn’t stand in front of Rex, Jane, that’s all. Liam’s a different kettle of fish – must have heard what Harvey said? Anyway, Rex was dying to get away from there – not to be at the drop-off any earlier – his next bloody fix.”

“Ah, that’s why he didn’t feel me.”

“Yeah, and I bet they’re in their digs by now. He was coming down and had a hell of a job trying not to scratch; he was so irritated by it. The other two will be with him, gormless buggers…doped on fucking Ketamine.”

Gavin asked, “That’ll help us, surely?”

Harvey shoved in, “They’ll be just as unpredictable. Could be dopey or over-excited – works both ways that bloody stuff. Glad there’s plenty of us. We better have those trucks handy, n’all.”

“Christ!” Gavin muttered, surprising him for a moment about the Ketamine. He was turning a corner and then he thought rationally again, “As for the trucks, we’re using a barn, not far away. One of the lads knows the farmer.”

“Good. We might need them fast. Alli can hypnotise and you, Jane…”

“So can Duke, Harvey.”

“Even better.”

We had lunch at the nick. Harvey and Alli sat with us but the others spread out amongst the tables on the top floor. Our team were as hungry as ever, and not just for food; devouring as much as they could of our extended family’s journey to where they were now. When lunch time was over, some hadn’t touched their food and others had only eaten half of theirs. Gavin told them to take it downstairs to finish it there. He was proud they were still so enthusiastic.

John must have bloody radar, waiting for us in our office.

“You didn’t say they were coming again, this soon, Gavin?”

Gavin was bloody furious with him. Our talk had gone right over his fucking head and believe me we tried to contact him before going to the market. Gavin couldn’t help blasting him, “Do you think we’d miss the opportunity to catch this killer because you won’t pick up your bloody phone up, after you knock off?”

John wagged his finger at him. “Now look here…”

Harvey jumped in. “NO! I don’t wish to be rude but you give me no other option. Do you think we’d have gained our clear-up rate without our commissioner’s full backing? No. He knows we have to act when necessary and he’s joined us on night call-outs. Reese had words with us before we came. He’s of the impression you can’t cut this job. About time you proved him wrong, don’t you think?”

John turned red, almost busting a gut. “I’ll have your badge for this, DI Burgess.”

“Try it?” Jo yelled from behind him. “And he’s a chief inspector, now.” John turned to see who’d yelled.

Reese’s voice filled our heads: I’m flying up there now. Get on with what you have to, Harvey. Ignore him, he’s out of there.

“Cheers, Reese. See you when we’ve caught those three bastards.” Harvey said aloud, to make sure John knew he’d been talking to him. Harvey glanced at his watch, “Time to go.”

Gavin answered, “Great, the smell of fear is too pungent in here.” As he passed John, he said, “Think you’ll be clearing your desk.” We left him with his mouth open and hurried out to the cars.

We were at the farm before the trucks arrived. They were Home Office drivers and a big ‘no, no’ for the other half of our family. Harvey told them to wait ten minutes and then to leave for the farm. Convinced they’d ignore him, he asked Tom to drive a squad car with them. One, because Tom had arranged it with the farmer, and two, to make sure they followed Harvey’s instructions and waited. They’d had too many problems with them in the past. Tom was pleased to help in any way possible, informed we’d have to jaunt to the mushroom cellar from there, and the Home Office had no idea hybrids could do it. He was told to stay with the cars when the trucks were called for, keeping him safe, though near enough at hand in case we needed anything else. Beth was happy to stay at the nick, not wanting to jeopardise us in any way as she had no idea how to jaunt, yet.

We jaunted in groups of four. Harvey and Jo carried the heavy bags, like they weighed ounces, and one of us linked arms with them to make sure we were together.

We had to find hiding places and the woods were dense; chock-a-block with brambles that were a pain in the arse – close enough to see what was going on and as near to the door into the cellar as we could get, without being detected.

It wasn’t in our nature to be patient, fully accepting that about us, but thankful we knew how unpredictable they might be…drugged up. We settled down for the long haul – too much to bloody wish they’d arrive soon. Gavin turned his head, smiling at my sarcasm.

Harvey was just like a sensitive loudspeaker to us, hearing the racket they made, long before they could be seen. Good for us as we could hold our breath and stay as still as statues, thanking God we didn’t have to wait long, in the end.

When they got to the green door, one of Rex’s minions pulled it wide open, yelling, “See! Told you it wouldn’t get stuck.”

Rex yelled at him, “Make as much fucking noise as you can – why don’t you?”

The hybrid shrugged his shoulders. “Who the fucks’ going to hear us?”

“I said shut it!” Rex demanded. The answer flung back at him was mumbled and I didn’t hear it properly. Rex wasn’t generous but he knew what would shut them up – reaching into his trouser pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. They hovered until he gave them one, offering a light as fast as he could. The three of them were silent after that, mooching around, kicking stones in the dirt and puffing away on their cigarettes. They had no idea that the guy they were waiting for had got to them – shocked when they looked up – bloody annoyed he wasn’t alone.

Now they were concentrating on the new arrivals, Gavin conveyed his thoughts: I’m as surprised as them, Harvey.

I’m not, Gavin. Remember what I said; be prepared to turn ninety degrees.

Ah. What do we do now?

We wait. They may do the job for us.

Liam was across the clearing from us with Duke, Lucas and Andy. Having heard us talking in our heads and the hybrids hadn’t, he offered: They’re not leaving without the money and drugs.

Thanks, Liam. Harvey carried on: So that’s why he’s brought reinforcements?

I’ll keep you posted.

The three weathered-faced individuals stood still in front of the hybrids, expecting some sort of reaction – if only a greeting.

Realisation hit Alli: Christ. They’re human.

Harvey looked at her: This’ll be messy but we can’t go steaming in, Alli – they’ll vanish.

I know.

She turned her attention to Rex. He seemed to wake up, shoving his hand out to the guy holding the heavy briefcase, knowing the drugs were inside, making him sweat at the thought.

Instead of shaking his hand, he stepped aside, sweeping his free hand almost backwards, towards the man out to his left and the boss of the outfit.

Rex tried again, stepping forward this time, thinking it would be okay, but the first man’s hand shot up, showing his palm to Rex, making him involuntarily back up, but we all knew he wouldn’t want to lose face and definitely wouldn’t take that lying down.

“What the hell’s going on?” Rex asked, moving forward again.

“No presione a su suerte el señor Richardson.”

The bulkier of Rex’s side-kicks asked: Wha’s he saying?

The bastard said, don’t push my luck.

Fucking cheek.

Rex flapped his hand back at him, to shut him up. That gesture hadn’t gone unnoticed by the foreigners, though they stayed too calm. We waited.

Rex tried again, in his best schoolboy Spanish, “Yo no lo soy. Si no puedo darle la mano al Sr. García, entonces algo está mal. ¿Qué es?”

The first guy smiled, stepping back to reveal a gun in the third man’s hand – pointed directly at Rex.

“What the fuck! Bastards!” flew out of Rex’s mouth, just as he lunged at the main man. The words didn’t get to them before the gun went off; hoping he’d dropped Rex in his tracks.

That didn’t happen – Rex didn’t flinch and kept going.

A look of angst blasted from both men’s eyes, to the guy who’d fired the gun. He looked puzzled – all lost with Rex grasping the main honcho around his neck – lifting him off the ground with one hand. The gun was fired a second and third time. Rex’s mates were the targets. The bullets passed right through them and because they didn’t feel it, they didn’t react, apart from watching Rex slamming the man to the ground, lifting him like a rag doll, again and again. Harvey blocked us from hearing his screams and the sound of bones breaking from the Columbian.


By that time the two Columbians were already running, back, down the track. The two hybrids vanished and appeared in front of the fleeing men, shocking the living daylights out of them.

They didn’t stand a chance, and after no time at all they were dragged back to Rex, one by his leg – the other by his hair – both unconscious. They were dumped in a heap and the hybrids went back to watching Rex making mince-meat of the other guy. Delight spread across their faces – mesmerised each time the body hit the ground.

Harvey’s voice filled our minds: Watch Gavin. GO, GO, GO!

The lads suddenly appeared beside one or other of them, each grabbing hold of one part of a body. Rex lost interest in his conquest, laughing at one of his buddies flinging Andy off, before Lucas changed tack and gained a good hold on him. Jo appeared beside Lucas, grabbing Rex's free arm. He disappeared, shaking Lucas off but taking her with him. They weren’t gone for long. Jo jaunted back still gripping the top of Rex’s left arm. He tried to hit her; flaying with his free fist. She caught his other hand before it touched her face, turning on the pressure, enough to break bones. We heard them, knowing full well he’d heal in seconds.

His eyes were wild, trying to knee her in the crotch. Each time she kicked his legs away, ending up holding his whole weight by his arm and crushed hand, until his feet touched terra-firma again.

“FUCKING BITCH!” he screamed at Jo, trying again. He couldn’t understand her strength. She laughed at him, squeezing his hand tighter. He didn’t feel any pain, although he knew his hand was crushed into a lump. Drugged up like he was, he completely forgot his hand would repair in seconds, if she'd let him go – staring at her hand in disbelief.

My attention was drawn to one of the other hybrids, caught and hooded by Olli and Andy. Harvey locked the manacles on his wrists and ankles, wrapping him so fast it would’ve been a blur to a human. Now that was done, they breathed a sigh of relief, throwing him down to the ground and sitting on him. It would’ve been difficult to hold him upright, swaddled in all that rubber.

Lucas and Jack had hold of the second one. Lucas locked manacles on his ankles and Jack his wrists. It didn’t stop him squirming, but now Harvey was free, he picked up another long length of bungee. Within seconds he’d trussed him up. Now he was unable to move more than slightly; losing his power of speech – being surprised so fast, he couldn’t understand what was going on. Duke covered his head in rubber whilst Liam phoned to get the trucks here, fast.

Alli knew I wondered why the hoods: They’re unable to think themselves anywhere else –Harvey’s tried it. I had to smile at her, guessing why he had.

I was sure we could do something to help, “Why aren’t we helping, Alli?”

“Leave it to the lads, Jane, they’ve done it before.”

Harvey looked at Liam, “We need three ambulances.” Liam put his thumb up.

Next, Harvey’s mind was on Jo. When he saw her he smiled. She still had hold of Rex, who was trying like hell to get away – walking up her body and heaving to pull his arms free. Nothing worked successfully. His bones dislocating and tendons snapping, wasn’t on his agenda…confusion filled his mind, staring at her between everything he tried. Harvey picked up two sets of manacles, more bungee, hurrying over to help. He dumped the stuff, needing both his hands free to grab Rex’s legs from behind, pulling them backwards until he hit the ground, face-down. His arms pulled above his head, backwards, dislocating them both for the umpteenth time. Lucas sat on his back, pinning him down, not that Jo needed any help. That would’ve made any human scream in agony – not him.

While all that was going on, Gavin had gone over to check out one of the drug guys. He’d coughed a couple of times – crying out, every time he moved. Not surprising, his foot was turned backwards. Gavin put two fingers on the other guy’s neck, trying to feel for a pulse. His head was covered in blood and looked dead to me. Gavin sensed me and looked up, shaking his head.

The other pile of human was a mangled mess. Gina was beside him, looking down at his blood-soaked clothes. Bits of grass and mud stuck to the prominent parts, although nothing was recognisable as human and Gina wouldn’t touch him in case she felt his pain. That's one thing Alli had told me she couldn’t do, and with Gina being linked to her, she couldn’t either.

Gina turned to us. “When you thought mince-meat, you were right, Jane.”

Harvey had locked the manacles onto Rex’s ankles and they’d raised him to standing. He vanished again, taking Lucas and Jo with him this time. They were back seconds later.


She smiled and answered, “Police!” His eyes bulged, not believing her. Harvey was behind him, quickly wrapping his arms around Rex’s chest, turning on his strength, cutting off the hybrid’s breath and crushing his ribs. Jo let go and picked up the other manacles. He was trying to prize Harvey’s arms from around his body – wasting his time. She grabbed each arm, forcing the manacles on his wrists, locking them tight. She stepped aside, blasting at him, “NOW DO YOU FUCKING BELIEVE ME?”

He couldn’t answer; no breath, straining his head round to see who was holding him. Jo got hold of his head, twisting it back. Luke was waiting, holding the hood to stretch over it, which left him two tiny air-holes under his nose, when it was on. With that done they pushed him to the floor. Harvey picked up the bungee, starting at his feet, turning him fast as he swaddled him in the rubber.

Whilst he was tucking the end through one of the bands near his neck, Harvey said, “The trucks are coming. Let’s carry these three to meet them. I don’t want the drivers to see what’s gone on here.”

Lucas added, “I’ll ride back with the ambulances, Harvey, as far as they can drive up this track.”

“Cheers, Lucas. Two of them might have to go straight to the lab. What do you think, Luke?”

“Yeah. Bet they’re illegal’s so we’ll contact immigration.”

“Right, let’s go.” He grabbed Rex around his neck and Olli his feet. The others picked up their loads and we vanished to the front of the demolished hotel.

We waited on the hard-standing and watched the four trucks drive out of the tunnel of trees. They swung around in a circle, parking with the back of the trucks facing us. The drivers got out and while we waited for them to unlock the back of each one, the lads picked up our captives. I felt the pleasure from everyone, hearing the noise when each one hit the back wall of the truck into which they were thrown. The nearest driver to me was a bit puzzled by what his passenger was dressed in, grateful he didn’t have to actually touch the one he’d picked up. He slammed the door shut, deftly locking the bar across it.

A small door was on the left of the door lock, at his eye level. When he opened it I could see the controls. He pressed a large red button, switching on the four hundred and fifty thousand volts of electricity…enough to contain any hybrid on the planet, we’d been told and instigated by our friends who'd tried it out on Olli.

The fourth truck driver thanked his lucky stars, going back empty, saving him a pile of paperwork. They didn’t hang around and drove off, heading for the tunnel to the main road.

“Are they going to the nick, Harvey?”

“No, Jane. No interviews for them. They’re going straight to the facility where the crazy hybrids are kept. I won’t say the Home Office always get it right, but they’re scared of them, enough to be careful. The two we dealt with previously were let out of Rampton and then turned – in Broadmoor now, forever.”

“Oh. I was looking forward to their interviews.”

“You saw how hard they fought. I wouldn’t chance your human team – they’re fucking lunatics – ask Lucas? He was at the forefront of an interview with Hicks, one of our lads who had no idea we knew what he was. Think what they’d be like and on a come-down?”

Gavin came and put his arm around my shoulder. “I second that, Harvey. You’re going nowhere near them, Jane.”

“I hear a siren.”

“Christ, Harvey. How far can you hear?”

He smiled at me before saying, “It used to be about thirty feet. Don’t know if it’s extended with all the use, but a few miles at least, now, if there’s no other noise.”

Bloody hell.

Charlie sauntered up to us. “One of us will ride with the bodies, Gavin, to make sure they drop them at the lab – we’ll do these PMs ourselves. Immigration won’t give a toss if the one alive carries ID or not…deportation for him.”

“Think you’re wise. We’ll get back to the nick. Oh, no one brought the briefcase or the gun.”

“I’ll get them.” He turned and called, “Lucas, keys to my car.” He tossed them. Lucas caught the bunch, waving to him: Cheers – see you later.

Charlie sniggered: Not much left of one of them, so it shouldn’t take long.

He heard us laughing in his head. The first ambulance drove out from the tree tunnel. Charlie flagged it down and jumped aboard. We saw him point to the track and it changed direction with the other two following.

Gavin said quietly, “Let’s get back to the barn.”

Gavin checked his watch. He had one thing to do before our team left the nick: Phil, get round to their flat and collect all the music in the place. It’ll have to be burned. Make sure no one takes any home, it could kill them.

I’ll remind them, Gavin. Glad you’re done there.

Me too. See you tomorrow.

About an hour later at the nick, the other half of our new family followed us into our office. We’d walked right into the middle of a row between Reese and John. Everyone had gone home, apart from them, and we didn’t expect it with it being way past knocking off time. They’d stopped yelling at each other, but it was obvious what was going on, as soon as the door opened.

“Sorry, thought this would be over,” Reese apologised.

John’s face was bright red. That was my cue. “See what this job does to you, John? Your wife wouldn’t want you ill, would she? Their commissioner’s friend has just had a stroke and by the colour of you, your bloody blood pressure is sky-high. I think a different section of the force would be advisable, John. You know I’m right, don’t you?”

“Well, put like that, yes, Jane.” It was a good job John couldn’t see Reese’s face. He couldn’t believe John’s answer until he realised I’d hypnotised him. He continued to listen with a grin on his face.

I asked, “Shall we have tea?”

John looked at his watch, “Ummm, better not, Jane. Jeanette will be waiting at home.”

“Okay, John. Good luck in your new job.”

His hand was sweaty when he shook mine. “Been a pleasure.” Then he left our office. The looks that shot from one to the other of us were priceless. No one dared to speak until we were sure he’d left the building, waiting until Harvey knew for sure and then there was uproar.

Once all the laughing had died down, I said to Reese, “Told you it would work.”

He bent double, laughing at me, and then he asked, “Which section would you like him in?”

“Toilet attendant sounds good. No, wait? You need a degree for that.”

Harvey and Alli laughed the loudest. Almost her words to a tea, the day they met. I flashed her eyes at them.

The boys were back from the lab. Duke was with us and Liam and we’d finished a hearty meal. The banter around the table quietened down for a moment. Reese tapped his wine glass and announced, “The choppers will be here soon. I’ve ordered three. You’re on holiday for a week at this end. I’m sure Harvey and Alli could squeeze you into their house?” He glanced at them with a grin. “I mean all of you, including Julie and Megan. They’re staying with Jed and Abbey – all arranged. I’ve told Julie and a taxi will pick her up in time. I’m thrilled to bits how you all get on and help each other. This was a hard case to crack and the fact it was your first, made it even harder, so well done all of you.” He chuckled before going on, “I have to find another commissioner, thanks to you, Jane, and why you have a week off.” Someone started clapping, prompting the rest of us to join in.

I got up and went round the table to Reese – wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed his right cheek. “Thanks, Reese. Parties every night – bring it on!”

Alli butted in, “You can try out some of our gear, Jane.”


The End.

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