HWSNBN (He Who Shall Not Be Named)

Chapter 5

We heard the chatter before we saw them and hurried to the door to watch. They were all checking out where everything was and John stood near our door, sporting a satisfied smile. When he saw us he cleared his throat, loud enough for them to hear. They stopped what they were doing and waited for him to speak.

“Now, everyone, I’ve explained to you exactly what Gavin and Jane are. I hope you’ll make them both very welcome as heads of this, the second elite team in the country.” The cheer that went up, mixed with whistles from the lads, nearly brought the house down. Gavin hugged me so tight.

Once they’d settled down, John took us into our office and closed the door. “I was told by Reece to explain to them, everything about you and what they will learn from you. Apparently, the whole team down there, bar a few, have picked up the mind reading after thoughts were pushed into their heads. He added that the time it’s saved has been a great asset and he wished they’d known about it from the start. They all know this comes under the Official Secrets Act and have had to sign forms to that fact. All I have to do is hand this over to you now, Gavin and Jane.” He shook our hands. “Don’t forget, I’m here to make this run smoothly, so don’t worry, if you find fault with anything, I’ll get it put right.”

“Who’s the other team leader, John? Gavin asked.

“Phil. He’s got his head screwed on.”

“That’s who I’d have picked, and we get on well. Thank you. We couldn’t be happier.”

“Don’t thank me; thank Jane.” He winked at me and left the office.

Gavin grabbed my hand and he took me into the team’s office. The hum of noise stopped and they all looked at us.

“Let’s start as we mean to go on. It’s first name terms from now. I’d hate to be called sir and we’re all a team, no hierarchy. Beth and Phil are team leaders. Either one of them will control things here when we’re called out, but that’s the only reason for it. Once you start picking up the mind reading, things will move faster than you can imagine. I’m looking forward to this, I don’t know about you lot?”

The laughing started and they relaxed.

“You’re a dark horse, Gavin. I’d never have guessed in a million bloody years.”

Gavin laughed at him, “Phil, this is Jane, my other half and I don’t just mean here.”

He slapped Gavin on the shoulder; flashed his eyes at him and then put his hand out to shake mine, “I’m pleased he’s got you, Jane. Perhaps he’ll have a life, now?”

“Yeah, Beth said you couldn’t drag him down the pub, but I’ll come, no...”

The phone on Phil’s desk rang and he hurried to pick it up. Everyone stayed silent. He listened for a couple of minutes then he hung up.

“29 Bennington Road. Parents arrived home after a weekend away and found their two kids and three others dead in the house. That was Uniform, Gavin.”

“Right! Phil, stay and hold the fort, and you bring half the team, Beth. We don’t know how many we’ll need. This is our first case everyone and we’ve no idea what we’re walking into. If anyone feels sick, leave the house. I’ve even puked at a crime scene. Let’s go about this like you’ve been trained, in a calm and orderly fashion and we have a grieving family, don’t forget. Let’s go!”

It wasn’t long before we turned into a newly built housing estate. We knew by the state of the road. They hadn’t laid it and manhole covers and drains were well proud of the sea of mud that filled the space between the paving stones on either side of us. It was like an obstacle course for Gavin, following Beth in her 4x4. He clipped the spoiler on the front a couple of times, wincing every time he heard the crunch.

“We’ll be investing in a Range Rover tomorrow. I’m not having this.” I kept quiet. I knew whatever I said wouldn’t help. I couldn’t even bloody drive.

Beth indicated left and she bumped up a ramp onto a proper road. “Thank God for that,” slipped out of Gavin’s clenched jaw, just as the spoiler scraped right across the ramp. I could feel he was seething but slowly as we got near the squad cars, he settled down again, pulling up behind Beth.

We joined her between the cars and the rest of the team parked well away from the house. They knew the space would be needed for pathology vans, SOCO and the doctor. Gavin went back to the boot to collect a forensic suit for himself and Beth looked for one for me, but I really wasn’t listening to either of them. I was concentrating on the five kids, aimlessly milling around in the middle of the lawn, confused and totally in distress. I ignored the state of them, walked over and cuddled each one in turn.

I’ll be back to talk to you when we’ve seen what happened inside the house. I promise I’ll come back. Sit down and wait, please?

They held hands and sat down to wait, much calmer than before we arrived. I felt more comfortable about that and went back to join Gavin. It must have looked like I was cuddling fresh air to anyone who watched.

“I heard what you said to them, Jane,” Beth said to me.

One of the other lads baulked. “Yeah, right,” he blasted and then he sniggered.

I turned to the lad, “I don’t know your name yet, but I pushed words into Beth’s head, earlier today, and that’s how fast some of you could pick up the mind reading. We won’t have any more of that, will we?”

“I’m sorry and I’m Duncan.” I won’t forget you in a hurry.

“I’ve seen what’s in there and it isn’t good, I’m telling you now. If you have to go in there, all of you remember what Gavin told you earlier and get out, if you feel sick.”

“I think we should take a look, Jane.” Gavin pulled on a forensic suit. Beth had one ready for me and it was a struggle to get on. It gets easier, Jane.

We’ll be living in these, for the next few weeks.


I leaned back against the car to put plastic covers over my shoes and took the gloves from Beth. Thanks, Beth. I’m pleased you’re the first. She smiled at me.

We walked towards the front of the house. Two guys in Uniform were standing either side of the front door.

“Hi, Eddie. Have you been in?”

“No, sir.” He looked at his mate.

“I’m Mehmet, Raffi’s brother, sir.”

“Good. He said you were joining up. You can all call me Gavin, I hate sir. Spread the word, Eddie. What did you see, Mehmet?”

“I pushed open the living room door and they’re lying in a heap, in the middle of the room. I didn’t set foot in there and came back outside. The parents were distraught and crying at the side of the house until the neighbour took them in. That house.” He pointed to his left.

Gavin nodded and pulled his phone out, “Phil, we need SOCO, pathology and a doctor, yesterday. Send in Uniform to cordon this lot off. The bloody press will be baying for blood, with this.” He snapped his phone shut and when he pushed it into a pocket, he glanced at me. Gloves, Jane.

I quickly pulled them on and Gavin opened the front door. Once we were inside, I warned him what I’d already seen. “You’re never going to believe what’s in there. They’ve bitten each other’s necks and I mean, gone to town on it.”

“Jesus!” I opened the door and walked in, with Gavin right on my heels. Mehmet was right, they were in a heap, and just as well no blood could be seen from the door, but what faced us was carnage. Each one had the right side of their neck ripped open and blood all over their faces. Some had pieces of flesh hanging out of their mouths. It was the ages of them that got to Gavin, they weren’t older teenagers. Two of them looked about ten and the others, not much older. The strange thing to me was that they all had earpieces still in their ears, linked to iPods on their arms. Like joggers wore.

“What the fuck were they doing, leaving young kids alone for the weekend?” His phone rang and he took a second to answer it, “What!” He listened then he spoke in a lower tone to whoever had called.

“Sorry. You’ll never believe what we’ve got here. Put them all into the rape suite lounge and give them tea. They’ll bloody need it, Phil.”

SOCO and the doctor are here. We both heard from Beth.

Send them both in and have Uniform arrived yet? Gavin asked her.

Just. We’ve been holding the press back since you went in the house.

Tell them to get a move on and get them cleared, right out of the way. This is bloody monstrous.

“Am I pleased I pushed words into her head?” Before Gavin could get any words out, the front door opened and in poured more people in forensic suits.

The first one through the door put his hand out to Gavin, “Before you ask, we’ve been briefed about the pair of you and I’m pleased to be working with you both.”

Gavin laughed and shook his hand. “Cheers, Kevin. This is Jane, my other half, and watch it, she reads minds.” Kevin giggled.

I banged Gavin on the arm, “Take no notice of him, Kevin. He’s picking it up faster than a bloody jack-rabbit.”

“I can see us getting along, like a house on fire, Jane.” He glanced between us, “What the fucks’ gone on here?” I’m sure he had some sixth sense. He looked at us, “Don’t get worried. We’ve been grilled and know this wasn’t down to a hybrid.”

“Christ, are we pleased about that?” Gavin said, now he’d relaxed.

Kevin looked back, “Neil, take shots from every angle possible, and I want this fully documented, no slip-ups. When you’ve done in here; the rest of the house and particularly the kid’s bedrooms.”

Neil nodded to us as he passed, holding a high-tech camera. He was straight on the job and we had to move away from the bodies.

Waiting quietly in the hall was a man in a suit. Very dapper and sporting a cravat, not normally seen these days.

“Lionel, this is Jane, the other half of our duo.” He grinned at Gavin.

“I knew there was something different about you but couldn’t put my finger on it. How do you do, Jane and I’m very pleased you found each other.”

I giggled at him, “Not as pleased as me, Lionel, and I’m not divulging anymore.”

He laughed out loud, “I don’t think I want to know. You’re safe there, Jane and I think you make the perfect couple.”

We both smiled at him, then Gavin became very serious, “Lionel, you’ll be shocked when you see the kids. Nothing like you’ve ever seen before and I hope to God we don’t either, although Jane says differently.”

He looked at me seriously, “I think we’ve given psychics a raw deal, all these years and I expect your little gift is heightened enormously, Jane.”

“The five kids are on the lawn, waiting for me to question them. I’ve seen the dead all my life and I’ve even shown Gavin what hounds me constantly. I’m like a bloody honey-trap if I stay in one place, too long, Lionel.”

“I don’t envy you that, Jane, one bit. Now, I’ll have to go through the motions, for the paperwork. The bane of my bloody life.” He picked up his bag and walked cautiously into the room. He didn’t show it on his face, but I felt how much it rocked him, at his first glance.

He stood with his stethoscope in his hand, waiting for Neil to finish and then he bent over each of the bodies, to pronounce them dead for the paperwork. By the time he came back out, he was very solemn indeed. “It’s their ages. It always gets to me, the poor little buggers. Where were the parents?” He was totally dismayed.

“That’s what we’re about to find out, Lionel. The kids were left alone, so they could go on a jolly somewhere, with another three sets that are back at the nick. I’ll throw the bloody book at them.”

“I hope it’s heavy.” He picked up his bag and left the house in a worse state than he arrived.

I feel sorry for him. Gavin uttered, in my mind.

He’ll be a broken man, by the time this is sorted.

Gavin stared at me. “Let’s get them down the nick, pronto. I don’t care how bad they feel.”

Outside, we pull the suits off each other and dumped them on the path to the side of the front door.

“Eddie, Mehmet, come with us. They’re headed for the nick.”

Gavin knocked on the door and we waited a few minutes for it to be answered. He had his hand up to knock again when it opened. An elderly gentleman was stood there, nearly in tears.

Go easy with him, Gavin.

“I’m Detective Inspector Wells, may we come in Mr…”

“Murray, inspector. William Murray. Of course you can. This is so distressing and I have a sick wife upstairs. Our eldest came over to sit with them, in the back room. She’s nearer their age, you see.”

We stepped over the threshold and Gavin looked back at the lads, “Stay there for the minute. This won’t take long.”

I touched the old man’s arm, “Could you show us where they are, Mr Murray and we’ll leave you in peace. They will be coming with us.” He looked relieved. The poor sod. He’ll have enough grief ahead of him, in a couple of weeks. This is all he bloody needed.

The quicker we get this done, the better.

Gavin didn’t mess around, as soon as we entered the room, he told the couple they were to come with us and thank God, they didn’t argue. This family had had enough, without them kicking off.

Outside the house, Eddie handcuffed the man and Mehmet the woman. They were escorted to different cars on the street that was clear of any press.

A white van pulled up and two guys, wearing forensic suits, crossed the road to us.

Gavin looked at the card he was handed, “I don’t understand. We have a pathology team.” They’re hybrids.

They both giggled, as they’d heard me and so did Beth. Gavin tried to stifle a laugh and put his hand out. “Good to have you aboard. Who organised this?”

“Reece from MI5. I’m Luke and this is Charlie. We’ve been listening, on our way here. Sounds a rough bloody ticket, in there.”

I elbowed Gavin. We have to talk to the kids; they’re really worried.

“We’ll get on. The body van will be here in a minute. We’ll call in, on the way back.”

Gavin nodded, opened the passenger door of his car and found a pad and pen. He took hold of my hand and we crossed the lawn to talk to the kids.

I told him where to sit, in case he sat on one of them and I knelt beside him.

Before I ask you anything, I’ll have to show you to Gavin. Give me a minute.

I closed my eyes, whilst holding his hands and pushed their vision to him. Bless him, he didn’t make a sound or pull away when it hit his mind. I let go and he picked up his pad and pen again.

Gavin writes fast, so speak as you do normally. I’d like each of you to give me your names and ages. I looked at the tiny girl to my left.

Sarah Mullins and I’m ten.

I glanced at the lad beside her.

Lee Hughes and I’m twelve.

The next lad said; I’m Peter Brooks and thirteen.

Jessie Williams and I’m eleven.

I’m Suzzy Mullins and I’m Sarah’s twin sister. That fact rocked the pair of us.

Who lives in this house? I asked them quite casually.

We do, silly! Suzzy Mullins said, cheekily. I couldn’t help laughing at her.

Who was left in charge of you all?

You are silly. The big boys, of course!

I heard Gavin giggle at her and she pushed his leg with her hand.

I bet you’re a handful, for your mum. He said, playing with her.

She screwed up her nose and giggled. She was a bit fed up with me, sometimes.

Have you ever been left alone, like this, before?

Peter Brooks answered me bluntly: Just lately; every weekend. I kept telling them I didn’t like it and was told to shut up.

Gavin said to him: I can promise you this, Peter. They’ll be punished for leaving you all to fend for yourselves. It’s just not allowed.

My dad said, I was over twelve and it’s perfectly okay for them to have some fun.

Did he, now? I could feel Gavin was upset and took over again.

Do any of you know what happened in there?

We were just dancing with our iPods on. I’m getting good at dancing. Suzzy piped up.

I held my arms out to her for a hug. She got up and cuddled me, nudged Gavin with her hand and turned to her sister. Come on Sarah, nanny’s over there. I haven’t seen her for ages.

Sarah took hold of her hand and they skipped over to their nanna. I could see her. She nodded to me and cuddled them both before they disappeared.

Peter stood up. My brother's behind you. Do you mind if I go?

I stood up and gave him a hug. Gavin hugged him too and we watched him run to the young lad for a huge hello. He waved at us and they both disappeared.

I was adopted. No one will come for me.

Jessie looked near to crying. I gave her a cuddle and turned her towards a young boy who was waving at her.

He’s your cousin, Simon. There’s always a family member to help everyone on their way, Jessie. You’ve been very brave. Now go and meet your cousin. She squeezed my hand and let go. Bye, Jane and thanks from all of us.

Before I burst out crying, I held my hand out to Lee.

Come with me, Lee. You have the biggest family of them all, waiting for you.

I took him down the side of the house, to quite a gathering of old and young.

Look after him, please? This should never have happened.

An aged lady came over to me with her arms out. I burst out crying in her arms.

You’re an angel, my dear. We’ve listened to your kindness, to these kids. Go to Gavin.

She turned me around into Gavin’s arms. I turned back and they’d all gone.

“She was right, Jane. You are.” He held me tight and let me sob in his arms.

When we walked back to the team, my make-up was all over my sleeves and Gavin. I looked a mess, although I didn’t care.

Beth looked at me. “Don’t say anything, Beth, I’ll only start again. Now I’m ready for those bastard parents. They won’t know what the fuck’s hit them.”

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